US Dental Effects of Gum Disease On BodyWhen people think of the effects of not properly taking care of their teeth, they tend to take a very short-sighted view. That is, they tend to confine the ramifications to only affect what’s in their mouth. They could see the trade-off as possibly being some discomfort and some lost teeth.

That is far from the only thing that can happen, though.. and the gum disease can rapidly worsen and cause possibly dangerous situations. People can wind up having conditions that they might never connect with being caused by gum disease.


Researchers believe that inflammation that is caused by the bacteria that enters through the bloodstream causing other organs to get damaged. In this case, it would be the pancreas, which creates insulin for the body. Without proper insulin production.

While a direct cause-and-effect have yet to be completely determined, it seems that diabetics have a greater chance of having gum disease. Getting control of diabetes, especially adult-onset that can be regulated with diet and exercise, coupled with regular brushing and flossing can greatly improve one’s quality of life.

Heart Disease

The bacteria that can enter the bloodstream through gum disease can attack and inflame way more than the pancreas. The heart can also be a target – and the result can be heart disease.

People who have heart disease are at high risk for heart attacks and strokes. This is the most important muscle in the human body and the inflammation from gum disease puts it at serious risk. A tandem of a cardiologist keeping tabs on whether their patient has gum disease and a periodontist checking on reports of their patient’s heart health can keep the situation best under control.


The bacteria from poor oral health won’t just inflame the organs in one’s body. It can also attack the joints, causing rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Studies have shown that people who have RA also tend to not have as many teeth as those without it.

There is also a link between poor oral hygiene and dementia since it can inflame the brain. Pregnant women tend to have gum disease, and they really need to keep a tab on their condition since it can lead to premature birth. Depending on how far along they are when it happens, it could prove disastrous.

While there are other factors involved in each of these conditions, having good oral hygiene is a way to potentially safeguard oneself. They should combine it with proper rest, nutrition, and exercise to tilt the odds even more in their favor.

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