Cavities Treatment in Columbus, OHA dental visit reveals a tiny cavity. What happens next? Should it be filled quickly?

Yes. It’s urgent that the small cavity is filled. Waiting is not advised, since things can happen in the interim that will make the situation both worse and more expensive.

Here are some of the things that can happen if a small cavity is left untreated for too long. 

Weakened Teeth

Cavities form due the enamel wearing down, which then allows bacteria to begin the decaying process. A tooth can still remain strong if the cavity is small and immediately filled. 

Not only will the larger cavity weaken the tooth – decay does that, after all – it can expose it and cause it to be sensitive to hot and cold. That can lead to a miserable time. 

Crown Needed

The larger the cavity, the greater the chance that a crown will be needed for tooth protection. If the cavity progresses to where a root canal becomes necessary, then a crown is a must. In either event, it will be more expensive.


The tooth could wind up being weakened to the point that it just breaks. That constitutes a dental emergency and needing a lot of treatment. The tooth can’t be glued together or anything like that. The entire tooth has to come out, root and all. That is going to leave a space that requires a fix – like partial dentures, a bridge or a dental implant, depending on how bad it is. The patient will feel this more in their wallet and also require more dental visits..


Waiting can also damage one’s self-esteem, especially if the tooth is lost and it takes a while for the gap to be filled. They will likely be more reluctant to smile and their cheeks may even become hollow since there is nothing in the space between the cheek and jawline. The dentures or dental implant will ultimately fix that, but it can feel like forever in between.

One’s tooth can change color thanks to the cavity- it may have a grey or black shade, which can also hurt one’s confidence.


Large cavities can damage more than a tooth. If ignored, it can burrow further into one’s jaw bone and cause abscesses and infection. Gum disease MUST be treated quickly, since it can run rampant and wind up causing significant damage to otherwise healthy teeth and gums..

A dentist may find white spots on the tooth, which is an early precursor that the enamel of the tooth has worn down. Rather than drilling, they may decide to monitor it. The patient may be told to reduce the amount of sugary foods and brush twice a day with a new toothbrush. This is only if there is no sign of an actual cavity. The white spots can go away, and the enamel can be restored some, but once any decay has begun, that cannot be brushed away or reversed without any fillings or other treatments.

When it comes to cavities, the staff at U.S. Dental Medical is well-equipped. They fill small ones or do any of the above procedures in the event of a dental emerg. Their in-house dental lab make many things, including custom one-day dentures, reduces the wait significantly. Give them a call at 614-252-3181.

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