Why should you replace teeth after an extraction. - US Dental & Medical Care in Columbus, OHPeople can lose adult teeth through a variety of reasons -Tooth decay extraction and trauma, just to name a few. Once the tooth is lost , they may consider just leaving it as is, like those old-time photos of hockey players. That, and they remember looking adorable as a kid with a smile with a gap. Not a wise decision.

The main difference is that once an adult tooth is lost, there is nothing waiting in the wings to replace it. It’s not advisable at all to just leave the gap as it is, since there are several results that are both not aesthetically pleasing and can lead to difficulties down the road.

Here are several reasons why one should replace a tooth after it has been extracted.

A Malocclusion Can Occur

When kids lose their first set of teeth, there is a time when they walk around with a gap in their mouth. That’s fine because they will grow their adult tooth to replace it. That’s not the case when the adult tooth is extracted.

People may have heard of malocclusions as pertaining to having an over or underbite. If there are no measures taken after an extraction then the other surrounding teeth can shift into the gap causing black triangles and spaces between the rest of the teeth.

An Opposite Tooth Can Super-erupt

This is not using the word “erupt” in a volcanic sense. The opposite tooth will actually grow into the space of lost teeth to try to fill the area that the gap left behind after the extraction.

One’s Gum and Jawbone Can Deteriorate

This is one of the difficulties that was alluded to above. If the missing tooth is not replaced, the surrounding gum and the jawbone in the area will lose mass as time goes on. That can be quite problematic when one wants to get that tooth replaced. Either fixed or removable since the jawbone and gums won’t be able to support the replacement.

Another concern is that one’s cheeks will get sunken in since there are gaps that are not being filled in.Time is of the essence after the extraction. A patient will usually have a choice of either a bridge, partial dentures or an implant. That way, they can continue to have a pleasing smile and eat much like they did before.

The staff at U.S. Dental Medical believes that extracted teeth should be replaced quickly. They can discuss multiple options with you to fit your esthetic and financial needs. They have an in-house dental lab to expedite the process. Check out the smile gallery on their website and give them a call at 614-252-3181.

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