All About Tooth Sensitivity After Dental Filling Procedures

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Your Ohio dentist put in a dental filling to fill the space where a cavity had been before. Your tooth may have hurt before the procedure, but it should stop relatively soon after everything is finished. But you are finding that your tooth still hurts several days after what you feel is enough time having elapsed. Why is this? 

There are several reasons why this could be – and some of them are not inherently obvious. We are here to help. This post is all about tooth sensitivity after dental filling procedures.

Nerves Inside Your Teeth Can Take a While to Heal

If the problem with your tooth was due to cavity being too close to the nerve, then there is a good chance that there will be some sensitivity. It can manifest itself with pain if you drink anything too hot or too cold. There are some toothpastes out there for tooth sensitivity and you can also get tooth numbing gel. 

Ultimately, if the nerve is not healing as quickly as you would like or the pain is worsening, then you need to go back to your dentist so that they can look at the tooth, get X-rays and evaluate for possible root canal to treat the infected nerve. Don’t wait for it to get really bad before seeing your Ohio dentist

Fillings Can Cause Interference In Your Bite

You had a filling put in and the anesthetic has worn off. It’s time to eat and you bite down and feel … pain. This does not necessarily mean that there is anything going inside your tooth. It can be due to something that is literally on top of it. Your dentist may have put your filling at an improper height. Even something that is slightly off can affect how it feels to bite down. 

This happens if the filling is raised in your mouth – it can also be called a “high filling” and it can hurt when you bite down. Your dentist can do a pretty easy fix which entails their adjusting how high up the filling is. Once that has been completed, then your mouth should feel like it normally does a day or two later. Contact your Ohio dentist immediately if you think that this might be the case. 

Damaged & Cracked Fillings May Be Painful

There are a couple of reasons that you might encounter this problem. Your filling might be too big and cause your tooth to become stressed and ultimately crack over time. That will expose the nerve of your tooth. Another reason could be that you grind your teeth while you sleep and that would also cause stress on the tooth and have it crack. Both of them will lead to painful results. 

The best solution for this might be for your Ohio dentist to first put a crown over the tooth to protect it. Then, if the issue is due to tooth grinding or bruxism, they could create a mouthguard that keeps your upper and lower teeth from touching at all. Then you will find yourself with a pain-free experience when it comes to biting down or eating. Do not wait, the more the root is exposed, the more pain you will have. 

A Slight Chance Of Oral Infection

There is a chance that some bacteria made its way into the filling site. Your dentist makes every effort to keep things sterile. It may also occur when you get home and eat and something gets in. The odds of this happening are minimal but you need to be aware of everything. If this is the case, see your Ohio dentist immediately. They may prescribe antibiotics. 

It’s important to maintain a good brushing and flossing routine to minimize the chances of this infection from occurring. Ignoring your oral hygiene is a sure-fire way to allow an infection to make its way into your mouth. If the infection takes hold, then it could cause a lot of problems if it runs rampant through the rest of your jaw. You could wind up losing a tooth or two… or more.

Some Patients Are Allergic To The Filling’s Materials

All About Tooth Sensitivity After Dental Filling Procedures In Columbus, OH

Your tooth starts hurting and you know it is not one of the other things listed above. It could actually be that you are allergic to the amalgam that the dentist uses to fill the hole that they drilled to get rid of the cavity. One sign might be tooth pain. Other signs include itchy skin or a rash on your skin. As always, seek out your dentist if this was the only recent change. They will elect to fill it with another substance or they may put a crown over the tooth to protect it. An allergy is not something to overlook. 

Fillings are a routine procedure and the vast majority of them go off without a single problem. You will very likely be one of those success stories, but nothing is 100% safe and you need to know what can possibly happen. If you are concerned for any reason whatsoever, go straight to your Ohio dentist’s office. After everything is resolved, you can go enjoy your smile again. 

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