Ohio’s Leading Dentists Explain Everything You Need To Know About Composite Fillings

A dentist checking tooth colored fillings in Columbus, OH.

Do you have tooth decay and your dentist tells you that they need to put in a filling? Dental technology has made the process a near-painless one, but you also need to decide what kind of filling you want. Many people are opting to get tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite fillings.

This post is here to help you. Ohio’s leading dentists explain everything you need to know about composite fillings,

Why Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings Over Other Types Of Fillings?

You want to have your fillings look good and not call attention to the fact that you have fillings. The last thing you want to do is feel self-conscious about opening your mouth in front of other people. Getting tooth-colored fillings will give your peace of mind when it comes to that. It may feel like a small thing, but getting a confidence boost can improve many areas of your life.

It’s a Quick, Durable & Safe Tooth Decay Treatment

There are dental treatments that can take a long time. Getting tooth-colored fillings is not one of those. Generally, you can expect to sit in the dentist’s chair for about an hour or so. It’s also a very safe thing to have done – dental fillings have become very routine and there are many people who get them daily. Your tooth will be very well protected with this.

The fillings, provided you take good care of your teeth and don’t do anything like bite down on hard candy or ice or chew on pen caps, will last more than a decade before your Ohio’s preferred dentist has to consider replacing them with another round of tooth-colored fillings.

Composite Fillings Will Give You a Natural Looking Smile

You do have other choices when it comes to fillings, but they will be very noticeable when you smile. The tooth-colored one will blend in nicely and it will take very close scrutiny for people to even realize that you have a filling in the first place. So you will be able to go about your daily activities and talk with the people that you normally do and they will be none the wiser.

It’s a Mercury-Free Filling

There are still people getting silver fillings to this day. Experts have debated for a long time about the safety of these fillings, which contain mercury in them. Some studies have even shown that the side effects that people have may be more psychosomatic, or in their head, than from the mercury in the fillings. Still, it’s better to have the option to not have it in their dental fillings.

You won’t have to worry about mercury being in your saliva and even potentially entering your bloodstream, though the amount is thought to be not enough to affect people. The composite filling will be mercury-free, which means that you can talk, eat, and drink with no concerns. That’s another great benefit of getting this over other fillings.

Your Tooth’s Structure Will Be Healthy & Intact

Leading Dentists Explain Everything You Need To Know About Composite Fillings In Columbus, OH.

The filling will act as a cover for the top of the tooth and also keep the interior where the drilling occurred intact. Your tooth will remain healthy – and you will need to keep up good brushing and flossing habits to prevent any more tooth decay. Brush for two minutes twice a day and floss once to get rid of any stray food particles. Using a mouthwash with fluoride can also strengthen you teeth.

There is one caveat though – if the decay is extensive and the filling might actually weaken the tooth, then your dentist may opt to go with a root canal and a subsequent crown placed on the tooth. That is usually only if has been allowed to go unchecked for a good amount of time, though. More often than not, the tooth can be preserved more than adequately with the filling.

If you think that you have a cavity, you should go see your Ohio dentist as soon as possible. They can fill the tooth for you very quickly, and the recovery time is usually quite minimal. It’s better to get it done early rather than have it possibly worsen to the point that you need a root canal. Then you will be facing a more lengthy procedure… which is still better than having your tooth get infected and possibly require extraction.

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