An Ohio Dentist’s Guide To Dental Bridge Maintenance

An Ohio Dentist’s Guide To Dental Bridge Maintenance

You went to see a  Columbus dentist and you got a dental bridge. This makes your mouth feel complete again after you went for a bit with missing teeth. The bridge can keep your other teeth from shifting. Now you need to take care of them to ensure that they will last for a very long time. Otherwise you risk having to make extra trips to the dentist to have the bridge repaired or replaced. 

We have five tips here for you on how to take care of your dental bridge

Common Bridge Problems That You Should Not Overlook

What Happens If a Dental Bridge Doesn’t Fit?

If the dental bridge doesn’t fit, then it can cause problems when wearing it since it could irritate your gums and even possibly cut into them. There may be a bit of an adaptation period, but if things don’t get back to normal soon after that, then it is important to go see the dentist for a refit. Not doing so could lead to a possible infection and then more trouble with your mouth. It’s better to get it looked at quickly. 

Another thing to worry about ill-fitting bridges is that food can get in and cause things like bad breath and gum disease. See your Columbus dentist if you think that this is the case. It can save you a lot of aggravation and even keep you healthy.

Be Very Careful When Handling Removable Bridges

If you have a removable bridge, you need to treat them like the fragile thing that it is. It may look tough, but it can take a remarkably small distance for it to fall and break. So be very aware of your surroundings and if you are cleaning it, be sure to have a soft towel under you so that if you do drop it, it will land on the towel and cushion any force from the fall. It may seem like overkill, but you don’t want to find out the hard way. 

Avoid Biting Hard Foods With Dental Bridges

When you get a bridge, it can almost make your mouth feel like it did before when you had teeth. But that does not mean that you can resume eating the way that you did before that. You cannot do things like chew ice, some vegetables, and either hard or sticky candy. All of these can cause big problems with the dental bridge. 

There are times that you might want to risk it and have that food. You might get lucky one time and have nothing happen. But the chances of having things go awry grow exponentially each time that you do it. Eventually, the odds will go against you and you wind up with a broken bridge and an extra dental trip to get the bridge fixed or replaced. There is plenty of food out there that is delicious … and will not break your bridge. 

How To Clean Dental Bridges

This is an important part of the care process if your bridge is removable. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a brush designed for dentures. Don’t use regular toothpaste,that can be too abrasive. Using a denture cleaner is fine. Use cool water – not too hot or cold. Hot water can actually warp the removable bridge, which would necessitate replacement. Do not soak it overnight if there are metal attachments, since that can make it rust. If your Columbus dentist says that it is OK, then you can do it. 

Be Sure To Have A Good Oral Health Routine

5 Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your Dental Bridge In Ohio

You need to continue to have good brushing habits, especially if the dental bridge stays in all the time. Brush twice a day and floss each night – though that second part requires some finesse since the area needs to heal. A waterpick is not a bad idea either, since it can get things that flossing misses. Use a mouthwash before bed. 

If you do these things, you will increase the chances that the dental bridge will last a lot longer and stay intact. Of course, if you do break it, go to your Columbus dentist right away to get it fixed or replaced. Otherwise you could damage your mouth with a broken one. Do not try to get by. That could wind up being much more costly than you anticipated and you could need to have emergency surgery. 

Taking care of your dental bridge is relatively simple and does not require you to go too far above and beyond. It is not terribly time-consuming and can be incorporated into your usual oral health routine. Then you can just enjoy life and be confident in the smile that you are going to give people. 

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