Importance of Regular Six-Month CheckupsYou have a dental appointment coming up. It’s been six months since the last one… and you really don’t feel like having someone poke around your gums and then making another appointment for six months later. Seriously? You know your gums feel good. You could get away with making it a yearly thing, right? Right? No.

Early Detection

It’s scary to hear, but certain things can show up between even those regular visits – from TMJ to oral cancer, and your dentist will be on the lookout for those every time you sit in that chair. Catching these conditions before they spread too far or cause too much damage is vital. Now… imagine waiting a year between visits? This alone could make the case for the six-month visit schedule.

Learning Proper Brushing

You may think that you’re brushing your teeth properly. Your dentist or hygienist will be able to tell otherwise by looking at the state of your mouth. It may turn out that you’re brushing them too vigorously, which can cause things like gum sensitivity or even gum recession. You may not be reaching far enough in the back of your mouth. They may recommend an electric toothbrush and also show you proper flossing technique.


You must practice good brushing technique in between check-ups. Neglecting to do that would be like getting a gym membership, seeing a trainer once or twice a week and not exercising on other days. You’d negate any work with the trainer. The same goes for your teeth – a hygienist can clean your teeth twice a year, but only you can correctly keep them in good shape between visits. If you aren’t able to stay on top of your oral health, your dentist may want to see you every three months until you prove otherwise..

It really comes down to focusing and preventing anything that could possibly get progressively worse.. This is especially true when it comes to your teeth and gums, since gingivitis can rapidly turn into advanced gum disease, and the risk of damaged or lost teeth can grow exponentially as that time goes on. So, to prevent that, those six-month visits are key.

US Dental and Medical Care, located in Columbus, Ohio, has a dedicated staff who want you to have the best smile possible. They will show you the proper brushing and flossing techniques – and if something should happen before your next appointment, they do emergency dental work. Should you need dentures, they have an in-house dental lab where you can save a lot of time when they make dentures there instead of having to ship the molds out. Make an appointment today! Yes, they will want you to see them every six months…

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