What causes gum recession besides brushing too hard in Columbus, OHYou take a look at your mouth and see that there is more space between some of your gums and your teeth. Usually the gums closely hug the teeth and protect the underlying root. As the gums recede, that cause issues like sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and also general pain. Usually the culprit is brushing one’s teeth too hard in a misguided attempt to get any plaque off. It can irritate the gums and cause them to recede.

There are other reasons for receding gums, though. Some of them may seem obvious but there are some that may surprise you.


Like many other things in your life, your genes can play a part in what happens to your gums. You may be predisposed to having receding gums just like you may have a receding hairline. People who are susceptible to this are also possibly at risk to get gum disease. If you know that members of your family have had it, you can alert your dentist so that they can be on the lookout during every exam.

Here it’s not just gum disease you have to look out for – you can be more prone to tooth decay, oral cancer, misaligned teeth or even cleft lips or palate. There can be a family history of needing braces to correct misaligned teeth. If there is any possibility for the above, it’s just smart to always be alert for any changes.

Pregnancy Hormones

Pregnant women have a lot of things to think about during their time carrying another life inside of them. They have to ensure that they get adequate nutrition for both them and the baby (possibly plural). Their bodies can change in many different ways… and the necessary hormonal changes that can make this happen can cause a host of problems with their mouths and make them more susceptible to gum recession and other oral issues like gingivitis and subsequently, periodontitis.

It’s very important that they brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. This can help prevent any oral issues for both the mother and the developing child. Yes, it can be hard, since being pregnant drains a lot of energy. It’s very necessary to brush though, since bacteria that enters the bloodstream due to poor oral conditions can possibly induce premature labor.

Grinding Your Teeth

People who grind their teeth are doing a lot more than just wearing down their tooth enamel and leaving themselves open to cracked or broken teeth. It can affect their gums – the repetitive motion can cause them to recede. This gum recession can result in pockets growing where bacteria can form and then lead to gum disease. If not fixed, it can result in expensive dental work.

The best way to fix this, apart from making lifestyle changes to reduce any stress, is to wear a mouthguard at night. They are designed to keep the upper and lower teeth from touching. Thus, no grinding at night. That will then greatly reduce the possibility of any tooth or gum damage.

Tobacco Use

When people think about smokers, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the possibility of getting cancer. They don’t consider that the tobacco can also affect a lot of other parts of the body, including their teeth and gums (aside from their potential to leave ugly stains on them) – but the risk is very real. When people smoke, they can get a lot of sticky plaque and that can be a major cause of gum recession.

It’s not just smokers who are at risk to have receding gums. People who use chewing tobacco can also develop it, thanks to the many chemicals that are inside each pouch. This raises the likelihood of getting gum disease and oral cancers. There have been studies that smokers who quit can halt the progression of their gum recession as opposed to those who still smoked.

Facial Piercings

This does not extend to piercing on all parts of the face, only those who get gum or tongue piercings. Those can wind up rubbing against the gumline constantly and then result in having gum recession. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be done – there are just some things to keep in mind – having an experienced piercer do it, removing them when eating, sleeping, exercising and while brushing their teeth.

As you can see, your gums can be affected by a lot of things that go beyond your brushing motion. It can be simple to keep things from getting off track, though. Twice-yearly dental visits can be very important in terms of catching things before they get too bad.

Whatever the cause of your gum recession, the staff at US Dental Medical will be able to diagnose it and suggest treatment to get you back to having healthy gums. If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, give them a call to make an appointment: 614-252-3181.

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