Denture sores what causes them and how to avoid itIll-fitting dentures are often the culprit

At-home methods can temporarily stop pain

Professional dental help is a must

When one gets dentures, especially for the first time, there’s always an adjustment period. It’s extremely rare to have them automatically fit right away. The big thing is, while there may be a brief amount of discomfort, it should not last. A set of dentures has replaced natural teeth… and the jaw has to get used to it.

Discomfort from the dentures and pain from them are very different, though. The discomfort tends to go away after a few days and the patient adapts to the new addition in their mouth. Pain, though – like sores appearing on the edge of gums that surround the dentures – those can be unpleasant and persistent. What should one do in those latter scenarios?

Know What’s Causing It

The sores can appear for several reasons, but the most prevalent one tends to be an ill-fitting denture, whether it’s too large or too small. Either way, they will rub up against the gums and irritate them and eventually cause these sores and even possibly some cuts. It’s not just new dentures that can cause these issues – one’s jaw can shift and change even with current dentures.

Call The Dentist

This should be the first thing that a denture wearer should do. Trying to ignore it until it goes away is not an option. The dentist will be able to fix things pretty promptly and work with the patient on eliminating whatever sores are present. They will likely have an in-house dental lab which will usually make quick repairs or relines to give the patient back dentures that fit.

Improve The Situation

While these things are not a cure, they can make things more bearable until the denture wearer is able to go to the dentist. They include putting on a topical gel that numbs the pain on the area, swishing salt water for 30 seconds to reduce inflammation, taking an over-the-counter painkiller, massaging one’s gums to improve circulation and soaking the dentures overnight in a solution like they normally do.

If anyone is considering not going to a dental professional, hoping that the sores go away on their own, they are committing a mistake, possibly a very grievous one. Infection is a very real possibility and could wind up being very costly, both financially and physically. The remedies above are more about keeping the sores from causing more pain and also make life more tolerable before going to the dental office.

The staff at US Dental Medical is very skilled at helping patients through any trouble with their dentures. Their in-house lab can make repairs or relines very quickly. This can help effectively stop the issue before it gets worse.

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