Factors To Consider When Adding Teeth To Your Dentures

You got a new set of partial dentures and you love them. Finally, you can smile again without having to worry about people seeing any gaps in your teeth. But then something happens to one of your remaining teeth and it necessitates a removal. Goodbye perfect teeth.

Would your Columbus dentist be able to add another tooth to the existing denture or would it require a new one? We are here to help you answer that question and more. The early answer, though, is: It depends on a certain number of factors.

Adding a new tooth to my dentures

The Material Used to Make The Partial Denture

There are a number of materials that you can choose from when it comes to the dental lab creating your partial denture. The two popular ones are cast metal and acrylic. If you get the cast metal one, you will find it to be very rigid. While that lends a lot of support for your denture and protects it from breaking when you chew food, it makes it a bit more difficult to add a new tooth to the denture. This is because the technician adds something to make a chemical bond and it is not as strong, which makes it more likely it will break.

Acrylic, on the other hand, makes it a much more simple task, since the dental lab technician merely has to add more acrylic to the denture and then add the tooth.

The Location Of Where The New Tooth Will be Inserted

Just like other dental procedures, like having a crown inserted, it depends on what part of the denture the dental technician will be putting it. Do you have a partial denture that is replacing missing teeth in the front and then you lose a rear tooth? That greatly reduces the chances that a new tooth could be added. Instead, a new partial denture would likely have  to be made.

Another problem that could arise is that the new tooth might not be able to be put on the existing metal frame or the base of your acrylic denture. As a result, the denture would likely not fit well in your mouth and cause you discomfort … and even possible irritations or cuts.

How Your Remaining Teeth Look

Adding a new tooth to my dentures

Everyone has a unique situation when it comes to their partial dentures. That is because their mouths will be in different conditions. Some may have healthy teeth save for a few lost ones whereas others may have gum disease and are likely to lose other teeth sooner than later. Your dentist will examine your mouth and see what your situation is like.

Ultimately, you may have to decide whether to get the remaining teeth extracted and get a full set of dentures or whether to wait to see if the extractions could happen on a case by case basis. The remaining teeth also need to be able to support the partial denture – and having loose teeth could prevent that from happening. If you lose teeth quickly, that could make the addition of teeth on the partial denture seem like a never ending process. Talk with your dentist about what might work for you.

When you get your first partial denture, you may think that you are going to have that for a good while. But life may have other plans for you. If it does turn out that you might need to have teeth added to your partial denture, then you should discuss that with your dental professional and come up with the best plan of action.

Partial dentures are an excellent solution to the issue of covering up the gap in your mouth. You just need to be ready to possibly have more work done on them before the initial seven-to-ten year run ends and you wind up needing another new partial denture. Life is all about adaptability and this is no different. Whatever happens, you will be able to get your best smile.

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