Useful Habits To Avoid Breaking Your Dental Appliances

A beautiful smile with a cracked tooth in Columbus, OH.

You just got dentures and you want to make sure that you take good care of them. They are not as durable as they appear and they can break in ways that you might not anticipate. Then you would have to go to your Columbus dentist to get them fixed.

Save yourself from possibly having to have emergency denture repair work. Here are some useful habits to avoid breaking your dental appliances:

Handle Dentures With Care & Create Safe Landing Spots

It can be really easy to accidentally drop your dentures on the ground – your mind might be somewhere else when you’re walking. Your grip on it when you pick it up might not be as good as you think it is. The next thing you know, it’s on the ground in pieces. That will then lead to expensive repairs. All you need to do is be more diligent when you handle your dentures.

That means being mindful when you pick them up or take them out or put them in. Don’t be rough or hasty. Move a bit slower if you have to. Also, put towels on the ground in places you might drop them. That will cushion the blow if you do wind up fumbling them. It just takes a bit of extra preparation to ensure that you carry your dentures.

Regular Cleaning & Rinsing After Every Meal Is Essential

Food can build up on your dentures after each meal if you are not careful. That can cause bacteria to breed and also possibly create bad odors. You need to be diligent with cleaning the dentures after every meal. Don’t decide to do it once a day. Things will build up and it will get harder to clean..

Just be careful when you are holding the dentures. Be aware of how you handle it … and don’t drop it in the sink. That is a good way to break them. Examine the dentures as you clean to be sure that you are getting everything out. RInse them off too. You want the cleanest dentures possible and this is an important part of the routine.

Toothpaste Can Damage Your Dentures

One thing about regular toothpaste is that it can be too harsh on your dentures, which can possibly get them scratched. That will weaken the overall structure. Denture toothpaste is not expensive. It costs only a tiny bit more than regular toothpaste. It will be significantly less expensive than regular toothpaste. So use that for each cleaning.

All you have to do is make sure that you get toothpaste that is formulated for your dentures. Then be sure to brush properly with a brush that does not have hard bristles – that can damage the dentures. Just be thorough with the brushing and be sure to rinse off all toothpaste residue each time … especially if it is after dinner, since you don’t want any lingering food on it.

Leave Your Dentures Soaking At Night

By soaking your dentures in a special solution – don’t just leave them in a glass of water – you will ensure that the dentures stay clean and sterile and also sufficiently moist. If the dentures are left out overnight, they will dry out and the brittleness can greatly increase the risk factor of them breaking. Also, bacteria can grow there and you don’t want to put a dirty denture in your mouth.

It’s easy to do each night – just pour the special denture solution into a glass and then put the dentures in. Just think of it as just one more thing to do with your nighttime routine before you go to bed. It’s not time-consuming at all and the lowered risk of your denture breaking is well worth it.

Stop Wearing Broken Dentures & Fix Them Immediately

A beautiful smile with a cracked tooth in Columbus, OH.

If you try to wear the broken dentures and just soldier on, it’s going to be problematic in several ways. The dentures will be ill-fitting and things like speaking and chewing will be even quite difficult. It can also wind up cutting your gums and you might wind up with an infection, which can lead to other problems. You need to go to a Columbus dentist and get the dentures fixed.

It might be tempting to also try to save money there and do something like glue the denture back together. This is not a coffee mug that we are talking about here. It’s a precisely crafted dental appliance that is designed for you. Trying to put it back together like that will throw off the calibration and cause problems. Your Columbus dentist is the one who needs to fix that.

Taking care of dentures can feel like a big responsibility. It is, but if you do the above things, then you can help tilt the odds in your favor toward being able to have them for a long time without any problems.

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