What do I do if I have a loose or broken crown in Columbus, OH?You may feel something wiggle in your mouth. It’s not a tooth, though. It’s the crown that is covering a tooth that you had work done on – possibly a root canal. Usually crowns are very sturdy, but things happen. The cement that was put in the crown to bond to the tooth may have not set properly. You may have bitten down on something that you shouldn’t have – like maybe an ice cube. Whatever the case, your mouth does not feel like it normally does. Your tooth may feel sensitive to hot or cold drinks.

Don’t panic, though. There are things that you can do to ensure that you don’t possibly make the situation worse. Having this happen can be stressful, but if you do the things that you read in this post, you will tilt the odds more in your favor for a smooth resolution.

Here are some answers to the question: “What do I do with a loose or broken crown?”

Remove The Crown

This might not seem like the right idea on the face of it. Wouldn’t it be better to try to leave it in and let a Columbus dentist handle it? You risk the crown coming off on its own, perhaps when you are sleeping, and possibly swallowing it. While that is not dangerous – it will pass through your digestive system – you are going to need to get a new crown in that case.

Carefully take the crown out and inspect it. Make sure that there are no parts of the tooth that it is protecting stuck on the inside. There will probably be cement that bonded the crown to the tooth still in there. Get a toothbrush and clean that out, since you don’t want any debris left in the crown to make it hard for the Columbus dentist to get it back on.

Seek Dental Help

When a crown becomes loose or breaks, it becomes a dental emergency, since it may be covering up a very sensitive tooth and having it exposed to the elements again may make life very uncomfortable for you. So make haste to go see a professional dentist in Columbus to get your back to where you want to be. Especially do this if the crown is cracked or broken. The faster that the dentist is able to get moving with replacing it the better off you will be.

Do Not Try To Fix It Yourself

Yes, there are crown adhesive kits available at local drugstores. This is only an option if you are far away from even a hospital or an Ohio dentist. Consider this a very short-term fix that you may actually have to apply more than once before you make your way to the dentist’s chair. Under no circumstances should you try to cobble something together at home with items like Krazy Glue. That can create even MORE problems.

Only do the adhesive kit if the crown is still wholly intact. Do not try to piece together a cracked or broken one. That will only set the stage for more disaster. Only a skilled cosmetic dentist in Columbus will be able to create a new crown for you. In the interim while you’re waiting, you may put some gum over the tooth in an effort to protect it. You may also get a temporary crown from the dentist while the new one is being made.

Having a loose or broken crown near Columbus, OhThere are other reasons for a crown becoming loose or broken – you might have had a traumatic event, the crown might be old, tooth decay might still be occurring under the crown, and if you eat sticky foods, that can also increase the chances that the crown might be pulled out of its mooring. Also, if you grind your teeth at night, then this may also damage the crown.

Having a crown become loose or broken can be quite disconcerting. It’s a layer of protection that has suddenly disappeared. Ultimately, it’s just a matter of making sure that you stay focused and get help as fast as you can.

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