When Should You Get A Dental Crown Instead Of Dental Filling?

You have had something happen to a tooth or several teeth, and you are going to your Columbus dentist to have them examined. Are you going to get another filling, or should you get a dental crown? 

It might be better to get the crown instead. Here are six reasons that you should likely get a dental crown instead of a dental filling. Read on to learn more. 

The Filling Is Broken

6 Reasons To Get a Dental Crown Instead Of a Dental Filling

Your original filling may have fallen out. It happens. But instead of trying to put in a new filling, which could actually damage the structure of your tooth, your dentist can clean out the area and then put a dental crown on top of the tooth. That way, you don’t have to worry about any fillings. 

You Have a Large Cavity Or Multiple Cavities

If you have a very large cavity, attempting to put a filling in, there would wind up weakening the tooth’s structure over time, and it could crack at a very inopportune time. Your dentist would likely recommend that you get the dental crown. The same thinking would go for those scenarios where you could have several cavities in the same tooth. Trying to fix that would just damage the tooth. 

Your Tooth Is Fractured

This can range from having a crack in your tooth to having pieces nearly falling out.  It can occur due to a sports injury, you grinding your teeth, to weak enamel. There is no way that a filling would be able to protect the tooth, and you would have to worry about an infection. Instead, the dentist will put the dental crown over your fractured or chipped tooth and let that protect the tooth. 

You Have Weak Or Discolored Enamel

If you have weak or discolored enamel, that can make you prone to tooth decay. Yellow teeth can mean that the dentin of your tooth is being exposed. You can easily crack a weak tooth, and the decay can lead to cavities. Should you find yourself with either, you should head to the dentist and have them put a dental crown on top of the tooth to protect the tooth. 

You Have Multiple Fillings

Getting a dental crown

You may have a lot of fillings in your mouth. While those fillings are protecting your teeth from more cavities, adding more in your mouth may be a bad idea. That is because you may wind up getting mercury in your system due to the material. You don’t want that to happen. Instead, your Columbus dentist will likely choose a dental crown to prevent any possible mercury overdose. 

 Dental fillings can do an excellent job of protecting your teeth. They are usually white and made of porcelain to mimic regular teeth, but there are some other materials that can be used if you want it to be a different color. The crown is durable, and you can eat nearly everything that you did in the past, 

Be sure to talk to your dentist if you find yourself in this situation. They will do a thorough examination of your mouth and help you determine the best course of action. Then you can enjoy your new pain-free smile. 

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