Tips For Healthy TeethKeeping your teeth and gums healthy can be easy

Go beyond just brushing and flossing

There is still plenty of time left in 2019 to make sure that you have great dental habits. Things may have started slowly, but arming yourself with the top tips for healthy teeth can make a big difference.

Naturally, the first thing to focus on are the basics – brushing and flossing. Doing these two well will give you a solid base to work on the other areas of your mouth. A bit about them:

  • Brushing: Always use either a soft-bristled toothbrush or an electric one. Be sure to spend at least 30 seconds carefully brushing each quadrant of your mouth. Don’t do it too hard or you risk irritating gums and/or wearing down enamel. 30 seconds in four quadrants equals 2 minutes.
  • Flossing: Don’t floss too roughly – use a zig-zag motion and also be sure to get around the tooth. There may be a bit of bleeding at first but regular flossing should make it scant to nearly non-existent .

Now let’s look at some not-as-obvious ways to keep your oral health at optimum peak:

  • Monitoring Your Brush: Your toothbrush can get dirty quickly if you just briefly rinse it. Don’t put it in a medicine cabinet instead of upright in the open. Wash the head of the brush thoroughly and leave it out so that it can dry. If the bristles look worn, replace the brush – usually every three months, but it can be sooner.
  • Not Neglecting Your Tongue and Cheeks: Your tongue is important too. Brush your tongue and use a scraper if you can.
  • Communicating With Your Dentist: Your dentist or hygienist is there for more than just cleaning your teeth and gums. They can give great advice on keeping your mouth in tip-top shape.
  • Drinking Wisely: Soda and juice can be tasty – but it can damage your teeth if consumed often. Water is better and has the added bonus of hydrating you.
  • Using Fluoride: This is an important part of dental care, since it helps prevent cavities. Some states have it in their water, which helps, but there are other treatments besides just using toothpaste. Your dentist can give the best advice.

The best thing to do to ensure that you have the best teeth for the rest of the year, aside from diligently following the above tips, is to see your dentist at least twice a year. Depending on the state of your teeth, you may be asked to come back in three months, but the bare minimum is twice a year.

The staff at US Dental Medical will work hard with each patient to make each of them have a fantastic smile though 2019 and beyond.

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