How to improve the lifespan of your denturesPeople love getting as much value out of what they pay for. They may drive a car far past its warranty to avoid paying for a new one. The same can go for household appliances like refrigerators or stoves, many of which have lasted through three or more Presidents.

Even though dentures can be a less expensive option than the above things, they still are an investment, and need to be treated as such. There can be ways to have them serve their wearers well for a very good amount of time while not running the risk of them becoming ill-fitting.

In any event, here are some ways to improve the lifespan of dentures.

Handle Them With Care

People need to soak them overnight. This works in a couple of ways. First, it sterilizes the dentures and will ensure that the patient will be putting it in clean. It also prevents the material from becoming dried out and thus more prone to breakage. The dentures need to be put in a container filled with a special solution. Under no circumstances should they be put in boiling water in an attempt to sterilize them – it will warp the material the dentures are made of.

Also, people need to brush them clean each night, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste formulated for dentures. Using regular toothpaste can wear down the outer part of the denture and also leave it open to cracking.

Other things patients need to look out for is not being rough when removing them or putting them in and they should definitely not drop them. Even a fall onto a carpeted floor can be enough to do damage. No hard, crunchy foods like popcorn or hard candy.

Sometimes, though, despite one’s most valiant efforts, some sort of minor break may occur. That’s when it’s time to take the next step.

Have Them Relined

Dentures do wear down over the course of time from the patient’s biting down.. They can stop fitting due to weight loss, tooth loss, or disease. In any event, it’s time to have them relined. This is when the dentist puts new pink material, which resembles the gumline, to the denture.

The actual appearance of the denture won’t change, just the fit. This can make life much easier for the patients so that they won’t have to worry about loose dentures.

Have Them Rebased

The dentist will do this if the teeth are still in good shape compared to the denture base material.Rebasing means they will replace the material, which is usually acrylic, and make it become stable again.

Have Them Repaired

This is for dentures that have done things like become cracked or split. While there are temporary stopgaps like do-it-yourself repairs that can hold the dentures together until you get to a professional (think of this happening over a holiday or late on a weekend), it’s best to get it fully fixed by the dentist’s office. It’s very ill-advised to try to use a substance like Krazy Glue, since that can make the discomfort worse. The dentist will take a very close look at the patient’s mouth to determine the factor behind the need for the repair and make adjustments.

Ultimately, though, what it comes down to is the fact that dentures will likely last, at most, 10 years before needing to be completely replaced. They are not as durable as something like a dental implant. It’s best to head into all of that with the foreknowledge that once the seven-year mark has been reached, the odds start tilting toward the need for replacement, though diligence can play a big part.

The staff at US Dental Medical are very well-versed with dentures. With a full-service onsite denture lab, they can customize your dentures and offer same day repair when possible. They can answer any questions during an appointment and will help the patient throughout the entirety of the fitting process and beyond. Give them a call at 614-252-3181.

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