How to get kids to brush their teeth in Columbus, OHFor many parents, the daily task getting their kids to brush and floss their teeth can feel like trying to climb Mount Everest… with one arm tied behind their back and a very heavy backpack. It’s a major struggle – and it’s an important one too since oral health can affect so many things. Good early habits can prevent a lot of problems down the road. So… what can be done to help them steer their children onto the right track?

There are a lot of ways that it can become easier to get the children to adopt this necessary routine. They can be quite fun for all involved – and thus one fewer thing to contend with.

Here are some ways that parents can get their kids to brush their teeth. 

Make Sure They Can Use The Equipment

It’s easy – just hand your children a toothbrush and floss and let them do what they need to do, right? Wrong. It’s important to get size-appropriate equipment for them. Otherwise brushing and flossing will become an exercise in frustration. 

Getting the items is easy. Almost every pharmacy out there has a large selection of toothbrushes and toothpastes for all ages. Another thing they can do is bring their children along to the store and let them pick out what they want. Having something with a favorite character of theirs can make them want to use it. Smaller tooth flosses are good for kids – they can learn about actual dental floss when they are older.

Play Games With Them

This is part of the “can be fun for everyone” ideas. Parents can have it be a dance party for brushing teeth, with music… though any flashing lights is a bad idea. Kids can choose the song and it can be two minutes worth.

Since smartphones are in nearly every household, parents can also download apps that are geared toward getting kids to brush their teeth,. They can do adventure games or there can even be timers that play things from their favorite movies or TV shows and even include characters from them – if Lightning McQueen tells the kids to brush their teeth right, they will listen.

Tell A Story

Story time doesn’t have to just be before bed. Parents can tell stories like the kids have to brush their teeth to get rid of evil little critters that are running around their mouth. They can make them cute evil little critters so as to avoid any nightmares… but it can lead to them taking an interest.

Another angle might be to talk a superhero who brushes their teeth. Many kids love comic books, so having this might get them into the bathroom and grabbing their toothbrush. Both parents and kids could work together and create their own comic book about the Super Toothbrusher.

Lead By Example

Kids watch everything their parents do. If they see Mom or Dad seeming to try to set an Olympic record for the shortest time brushing their teeth, then they are going to think they can skimp on their own brushing habits. That can lead to trouble and rough dental visits. Parents should be very diligent with their brushing and flossing and make sure that the children see it.

It may be somewhat difficult at first, especially if some early bad habits had crept in, but once the routine has been set for a while, then it should become ingrained in everyone to brush for two minutes twice a day and flossing once. Everyone, including the dentist, will be happy.

The staff at US Dental Medical are very well-equipped to work with kids. They will be glad to pass along any tips or knowledge during an appointment. Give them a call – 614-252-3181.

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