Choose a manual or an electric toothbrushIt seems like life is always a matter of choosing one thing over another. Like preferring one car manufacturer over another. They may like the Sony PlayStation over an XBox. When it comes to computers, they may like one that runs Windows or one that runs the Mac OS. It all comes down to personal preference. They like to use what works best for them.

The same issue presents itself when it comes to toothbrushes. Do they use a manual one, which has been a dental industry staple for centuries, or do they use an electric one, which has become more popular over the years?

Here are a few things to help you choose between a manual or an electric toothbrush.


The most enticing thing for a manual toothbrush is often how little people have to pay for it. A toothbrush from a well-known brand costs less than a single large drink at a certain chain of coffee shops. Even a four-pack of them costs only a little more than that… and they can last for up to six months. When the bristles are showing wear and tear, then it’s time to throw it out and replace it. Easy.

On the other hand, you need to closely monitor what type of brush you get. The best ones are softer with nylon bristles. Those can still get rid of plaque and food particles without running the risk of damaging your enamel. There are harder bristled brushes out there and they can serve a purpose as a sporadic way to get stains off teeth or dentures… but far from everyday use. Otherwise you run the risk of hurting both your teeth and gums.

The other thing to watch out for is how you brush with a manual toothbrush. You can easily fall into the trap of brushing too vigorously and also wind up scratching your gums and your enamel. It’s important to brush each tooth but use a firm motion and do each quadrant for 30 seconds. If you use it correctly, you can see excellent results.


The electric toothbrushes take a lot of work off your hands. The bristles spin at a very high rate and can remove more food particles and plaque than if you had a manual one. There are some that even take the task of keeping track of how long you’re brushing away with built-in timers. They will beep every thirty seconds to notify you to move to the next quadrant of your mouth.

Like the manual toothbrush, there are drawbacks to the electric ones. The higher-end ones, like the rechargeable ones, can cost significantly more, like $100 or so. They also have replaceable heads that can come in packs that cost rough $15-30. There are ones that cost $10 or more, but the trade-off is those don’t have the timers built in. In that case, you can just count to 30 seconds in your head. The less expensive ones are also disposable, so after three or so months, you can replace it.

Ultimately, you just need to pay attention to how you are brushing and let the spinning bristles get both in front of your teeth and behind them. People often neglect the back of their mouths.

Another Choice?

Choosing between a manual or an electric toothbrush in OhioThere are always innovators out there who want to see if they can shake their industry up. This is no different. You may see ads for something called a mouthpiece toothbrush. It looks like a mouthguard with a handle on the end. You put it in your mouth and the vibrations are supposed to clean your teeth in a fraction of the time of either a manual or electric toothbrush.

While it may seem promising, the low end cost of this is $100, which is what the higher-tier electric toothbrushes cost. It might be better to wait and see if this gains any traction in the market or if it will be destined to be a brief blip only to be forgotten and replaced by something else that has yet to be invented.

Ultimately, you are the best at deciding what works for you. If you find that you are getting fantastic results and always get a thumbs-up at each dental visit when you use a manual brush, then keep doing that. Do the research and then do what is best for you.

The only way that you will get the results is by being diligent each and every day in terms of brushing twice a day. Focus on hitting each part of your mouth and then examine your mouth afterwards. Treat it as the necessary component of your day and not as something that should be rushed through. Also, see your dentist twice a year. They will be able to give advice about brushing habits.

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