Ohio’s Preferred Dentists Discuss The Differences Between a Denture Reline & Rebase

Ohio's Preferred Dentists Discuss The Differences Between a Denture Reline & RebaseYou were happy with your dentures at first but then you notice that they don’t fit as well. Your gums may become irritated and there may even be cuts and sores. Don’t try to gut your way through it. You need to see a dentist. They may tell you that you need a reline or rebase of your dentures. What are they?

Don’t worry. This post has Ohio’s preferred dentists discuss the differences between a denture reline & rebase:

What Is Relining Of Dentures?

As time goes by, the dentures that once fit snugly in your mouth may start to loosen up. This can cause a problem since the dentures can then cause gum irritation or even cutting them. If left untreated, the gums may become infected. The relining will help a lot. There are two different types of relinings when it comes to dentures.

Hard Denture Reline

This is when the dentist will do things like remove a layer of plastic from the denture, put a material that is like putty in the denture – it will take the shape of your mouth after the dentist puts it in and gets an impression. They will use this new impression to make adjustments so that the dentures fit much more snugly. Your dentist will likely do this every two years.

Soft Denture Reline

If you have sore spots and it makes wearing dentures very uncomfortable, then you might want to ask your Columbus dentist about a soft reline. They will put soft material around the dentures that will fit around the tissues of your gums. It’s like a shock absorber that makes things like biting much easier.

What Is Denture Rebasing?

Your Columbus dentist may notice that the teeth of the dentures are in good shape, but the rest of the base is in rough condition. That might call for them to do a rebase. They leave the teeth as is, but they replace the base. The material that they use is acrylic. Just like with hard relining, they will take an impression of your mouth to help them with the rebasing.

This is done with full dentures, but dentists often don’t do this procedure with partial dentures, It’s a matter of size and degree of difficulty.

When Should Dentures Be Relined Or Rebased?

Professional Denture Repair In Columbus, OHYour mouth will change shape as you wear your dentures. That is because your gums will change and heal after extraction and the structure of your bones will also shift. This will make dentures less snug over time. There are other things, like weight loss or loss of jawbone mass that will necessitate a reline. You need to make an appointment if you notice that your dentures start feeling loose or they fall out when you talk.

They will rebase if your denture is broken or if you have been wearing a temporary denture and they want to give you permanent ones. This will also happen if they notice that the base is in weak condition.

How long does it take? If you are doing the relining, it can take around 30 minutes to a day or so. Your dentist will likely have an in-office dental lab that can expedite the process and help you get back to wearing your dentures.

You can do everything correct with your dentures like diligently brushing them each day, soaking them overnight in a special solution, carefully handling them, avoiding eating certain foods and not drinking beverages that can stain them and still have then need a reline or a rebase. It’s all part of having dentures. You should not consider this a failure of any kind.

This is all done to have your dentures fit as snugly as possible. Talk with your Columbus dentist about how they feel each time you go in for a check-up. They will also examine your mouth to make sure that there are no sores or cuts and inspect how the dentures fit. Also, do not hesitate to contact them if you feel pain or if the dentures are loose. The sooner they are fixed, the sooner you can go back to your everyday activities.

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