Denture myths debuked at US Dental Medical Center in Columbus, OHIt’s important for people to get dentures, if they are not getting dental implants, to fill in the space left by missing teeth because not doing so will cause changes to the structure of the jaw – like having teeth shift to cover up the empty space  and having one’s gums sink since there’s nothing there to keep them in place.

Despite the risk of all of this happening, people still avoid doing it because they heard misinformation or myths from family members or friends or even somewhere online. Debunking them is critical because the other option is the aforementioned structural changes, which can become very expensive to correct. There is also the very real risk that the dentures can be damaged if not cared for properly.

This is but a small sample of the myths that are out there about dentures.

Dentures Last a Long Time

There is a mistaken assumption that once a set of dentures have been purchased, it’s a lifetime one. While dentures, especially those made with higher-end materials, can seem sturdy, they only last up to 10 years, with 5-7 being more of a range. A new set of dentures will need to be made, since even with the dentures, there are changes going on to the jaw.

Dental Visits Won’t Be Necessary Anymore

Just because one gets a set of dentures doesn’t mean that they can forgo their usual twice-yearly dental visits. It’s even more important to pay attention to oral hygiene since things can lurk under the dentures. Also, if they are ill-fitting, they can cut the gums and cause infection – so that is not to be ignored. 

My Food Choices Will Be Very Limited

Food plays a big part in a lot of lives and the thought of losing the ability to eat certain ones is a sobering one. Patients may hear that they won’t be able to bite into a crunchy apple or eat corn on the cob again. The range of food that they can eat – after learning how to shift the dentures or chew on a certain side – is still quite impressive. 

People Will Spot My Dentures Immediately

A fear that people have is that the dentures will look unrealistic and be obvious to everyone around them. That may have been true in the days of George Washington and his wooden teeth, but dental technology has improved immensely over the years and the material now is able to be customized to the patient’s tooth color. They can also be shaped to fit the contour of his or her mouth. 

The only ones that are noticeable are the very low-end dentures that are made of the cheapest material and are not customizable. When it comes to something that is used a lot over the vast majority of one’s day – whether it’s talking, eating, or drinking – it’s better to get higher quality.

Other things people should know is that they need to brush the dentures with a special toothpaste and not their regular one to avoid scratching up the dentures.

Debunking these is important, because in this case, what you don’t know can hurt you. Ignoring the truth about them can lead to initial discomfort and could lead to infection and surgery. Many people wear dentures successfully and live a life very close to what it was before. 

When it comes to dentures, the staff at US Dental Medical have heard every myth out there and are more than willing to debunk them for any patient during their appointment. Call them at 614-252-3181.

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