what can cause sensitive teeth?Teeth can be sensitive for a variety of reasons

Causes can range from foods to behavior

See a dental professional immediately

This has happened to many people. – they take a sip of a hot or cold beverage and instantly react in pain or discomfort. Their teeth have become quite sensitive to either temperature – which can make for some not-so-fun times.

There are a lot of reasons that this can happen, so pinpointing the exact cause may prove to be a bit difficult and will definitely require a dental professional to do an examination and then fix the problem.

It’s time to delve a little deeper and see what can cause sensitive teeth.


There are plenty of foods, if eaten in excess, that can cause problems with teeth. Fruits, with their citric acid, can wear down the enamel. Also, hard, crunchy food can wind up cracking a tooth, which will then expose the pulp and bring about tooth sensitivity.

People who are big fans of fruit can mitigate the possibility of erosion by eating cheese or drinking a glass of milk afterward – that will greatly reduce the acid.

Personal Habits

The causes of this can be attributed to what the patient does on a regular basis. For example – teeth grinding is a big reason why one’s teeth can become sensitive. This occurs because the enamel, which is quite strong, still gradually wears down over time. That leaves the tooth eventually exposed and open to sensitivity.

Another habit, that can damage if left unchecked, is brushing one’s teeth too hard or using a brush with hard bristles. That will wear down enamel and also irritate gums. Use a soft-bristled brush or an electric toothbrush.

Miscellaneous Causes

There are some other things that can cause this but are not usually as frequent. Things like at-home tooth whitening kits, some dental procedures, fillings that are too large, and using mouthwash too many times a day.

The important thing to remember is that it’s a warning sign that something is going awry in the mouth. Ignoring it will not help – the sensitivity and pain will only increase. It’s important to see a dental professional as soon as possible because gum disease can quickly set in and then run rampant through the mouth and cause things like tooth loss and worse.

When it comes to tooth sensitivity, the staff at US Dental Medical, based in Columbus, Ohio, is quite experienced in diagnosing what the issue is and how to fix it. Give them a call at 614-252-3181 to schedule an appointment.