Professional Ohio Dentists Explain The Various Advantages Of Immediate Dentures

Professional Ohio Dentists Explain The Various Advantages Of Immediate Dentures
You go to a Ohio dentist with pain in your mouth and what may feel like loose teeth. After examining you, he or she gives you the news – you need to have teeth extracted.

This makes you ask the question: Can you get your teeth pulled & get dentures in the same day? The short answer is: Yes. But it’s important that you weigh the pros and cons of doing this before you make your final choice.

Professional Ohio dentists explain the various advantages of immediate dentures.

Maintain a Beautiful Smile Without Downtime

Before the immediate dentures are made, you will have an impression of your mouth made. Following appointment when teeth are extracted Immediate dentures are placed  that gives you a beautiful smile right away. Having these can also boost your confidence, since you won’t be worried about people seeing you with any missing teeth. You will be able to smile without feeling self-conscious when you have your immediate dentures in your mouth. You will follow up with your dentist for adjustments as your gums heal. Use of denture adhesives is recommended for extra comfort and suction.

Immediate Dentures Aid In Healing & Prevent Dry Sockets

When you get immediate dentures after tooth extraction, you will find that they can help your healing. This is because your gums will be protected and any bleeding will be minimized a great deal. The immediate dentures can also help prevent any clotting from coming out and exposing nerves. This is called dry socket and it can be painful to deal with.

Eat Normally Right After The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Once you get the immediate dentures, you can eat close to how you did before. You need to avoid hard candies and other hard foods, but your choices are not as limited as you may think. Another advantage is that you can keep certain parts of your mouth from getting irritated by your tongue or your food.

While it is easier to eat with the dentures, there is a bit of a learning curve. The instant dentures are also not customized and tend to be less sharp than the complete dentures. Still, it is much better than trying to eat with gaps in your mouth and can give you a lot more confidence when it comes to mealtimes. After a little bit, you will get the hang of it.

Immediate Dentures Vs. Complete Dentures: Know The Differences

Experienced Dentist attending a patient that wants Immediate Dentures in Columbus, OH

While the same day immediate dentures are a great thing to have, it’s important to know that you are going to be going through a lot more work throughout. That’s because your gums will be healing underneath the dentures due to the extractions. You will feel a lot of shifting and changing because the dentures are not going to be fitting perfectly. It’s the trade-off for getting immediate dentures or being without teeth. It may take your gums 3-6 months to be completely healed to get final complete dentures. Once you get your new complete dentures these immediate dentures can be your spare set in case of any emergency.

On the other hand, the complete dentures are going to fit better because they are going to be customized based on an already healed gum line. You may have to wait a while and go through multiple appointments because they need to be made to exact specifications. In the meantime, you will wear your immediate dentures.

Everything depends on you…. do as much research as you possibly can before you make your final decision. Speak with dental professionals in Columbus. You will wind up with the best smile possible after the end.

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