Answered: Dental Insurance Questions for DenturesYou want to get dental insurance, but you may also need to get dentures. Obviously, you’d love to pay the least amount of money possible for these. The question is – how does dental insurance apply to dentures? Is there one that pays for all of it or is that not an option?

Waiting period

First of all, you need to see how far down the road that you will need to have a procedure like dentures. If you’re new to this insurance company, you may have to wait for a not insubstantial amount of time, with some of them ranging from 1-2 years before you’re approved. These insurance companies also set caps on the amount that you can spend, so if something like a cavity or something else crops up in the interim, you’ll wind up paying even more for the dentures since you will be over the cap threshold, which can make some people put it off even more.

Even if you don’t have a long waiting period, you may wind up shelling out a lot more money because your employer’s plans may not cover much in way of dentures, since they are considered a restorative procedure and not in the range of the regular cleaning or other dental services. People should set aside a decent amount of money in preparation for this.


You’ve made it past the waiting period and have had no dental emergencies in the interim – that’s the good news. The bad news is that you may still wind up needing to pay a lot of money for you dentures. Your insurer may foot half the bill, but that can still be a lot of money to have to pay. Not having any gaps in your smile and the ability to chew some foods comfortably again may be worth whatever the cost, but you will need to budget realistically.


Being uninsured doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to forgo the ability to have dentures – there are discount plans available, but you may need to research what’s available in your area – they can be very limited and there may be some travel involved. Not every dentist signs on with these, so look around very carefully. If you do find one, you can enjoy paying up to 50% of what one might normally pay.

Ultimately, you are not going to find a plan that will cover dentures 100%. There’s no reason for discouragement, though. You will go into your search with much clearer eyes and will be able to budget accordingly. Then, getting your dentures won’t feel like such a chore and you will be able to enjoy wearing them for a long time.

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