Bad Breath and Gum Disease Treatment at Columbus, OHBad breath can be a confidence-killer. Rather than being able to focus on a conversation with someone, people can find themselves watching the other person just looking for signs they are reacting to the odor from their mouths.

There is a big market for all kinds of ways to cover up the bad breath – but that is all it does. Cover it up. Also, people shouldn’t rely just on brushing their teeth twice a day to take care of the bad breath.

This is far from saying that one should abandon brushing their teeth. That is far too important a function for one’s overall health. It’s that people can do a lot of other things to improve their breath besides brushing their teeth twice a day.


People tend to leave this necessary part of the brushing routine by the wayside. They may get a false sense of security, especially if they use an electric toothbrush. As fast as those bristles might spin, they cannot get everything out, especially food particles between their teeth.

These particles can wind up decaying over time and causing bad breath. Flossing will remove those particles and can help people move closer to consistently fresh breath.

Brush or Scrape Their Tongue

Sometimes a coating of film can cover some parts of the tongue. That’s tiny food particles that’s left between taste buds. People can either get a tongue scraper or just brush their tongue with a toothbrush to get rid of that – otherwise it can contribute to bad breath.

Use A Mouthwash

While some mouthwashes can actually exacerbate the problem by drying out the mouth, there are some home-made remedies possible – like black or green tea. Gargling with that may help kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Other things that patients can do is to quit smoking, since that can affect the quality of their breath. They can up their water intake, since sometimes dry mouth can cause bad breath. Another way to increase saliva input is for them to chew a piece of sugarless gum. That can help wash away smelly bacteria and food particles.

It’s important to closely monitor the quality of one’s breath, because some of the things listed above can also act as a mask for the bad breath, and if it comes back despite doing many of the listed things above, then it would be a good idea to visit the dentist and then possibly a specialist to ensure that there is no underlying cause like GUM DISEASE. 

The staff at US Dental Medical has helped patients with bad breath over their 40-plus years of serving the Columbus, Ohio region. Anyone who has concerns about it can bring it up at their next check-up or when calling at 614-252-3181.

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