Same Day Dentures With Tooth Extraction After talking things over with your dentist about the state of your mouth, you’ve decided to get dentures. Not having some form of teeth is not an option for you. You have a choice – you can get same-day dentures by having your teeth extracted and then having the dentist put in the dentures or you can have the teeth extracted and wait for that to heal and then get the dentures. Here’s why you should seriously consider taking the first option – the same-day dentures.

Cosmetic Improvement

You won’t have to go outside without teeth, especially if you need a total replacement.

● There won’t be any embarrassment about only having gums for a smile for a brief time. There may be a period where there are some gaps in the back, but it won’t be as obvious as having them all removed at the same time.

● There won’t be the worry in the back of your mind about possibly not speaking clearly like you would with no teeth.

● You will be much more willing to smile, which will make you appear more outgoing, which can greatly help your social life and even your professional one

Easier Transition

Getting the same-day dentures can really be time-saving.

● You won’t find that there’s a, no pun intended, gap between having to speak without teeth and speaking with the dentures in your mouth.

●  The learning curve will be far from steep that way and you will quickly become acclimated to wearing them, whereas you might become more easily frustrated if you had to shift between the two.

Higher Efficiency

There has to be work done before you can have the same-day dentures inserted.

● Full dental exam and xrays by the dentist. Impressions for you dentures are taken

●  Next visit teeth are removed and dentist will put in the same-day denture as a way to minimize bleeding and improve the recovery time. And most importantly you leave with a new smile

● This is still a lot less than you would have to deal with if you had the extractions and then had to wait for the healing.

If you’re in need of quality affordable dentures and live in the Columbus, Ohio area, US Dental Medical can help you. We have an on-site dental lab that customizes dentures to your needs. A caring staff will make sure that the entire process goes smoothly and that you are wearing your dentures the same day your teeth are extracted.

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