Regular checkups can save you money with US Dental in OhioIt’s always good to save money. You can hopefully tuck away a certain amount per paycheck to have on hand in case of an emergency. There’s always a vacation fund to sock away money for. Perhaps you intend to upgrade part of your home.

There are always articles and blog posts out there about finding ways to save. Groceries are one big one. You may opt for a less-expensive car. But what about things that might not seem blatantly obvious. These are things that might cost some money initially, but you wind up being able to keep money in your account down the road.

Let’s take the dentist for example. It might seem like twice-yearly visits are annoying – sometimes it feels like the reminder postcard comes the day after your last appointment. But not going to the dentist regularly can wind up being even more costly than not.

Here are some ways that regular dental check-ups can wind up saving you money.

Early Detection of Gum Disease

Gum disease can start off in a mild form called gingivitis. You may have tender gums and there may be some bleeding when you brush and floss. The good news is that once it’s diagnosed, it can be reversed by getting a regular cleaning from dr tidy and paying strict attention to how you do your brushing and flossing each day. Before you know it, you will find yourself with pink gums and healthy teeth again.

It’s when that goes undetected because of missed dental appointments that things can go awry. That once-reversible gingivitis will progress to periodontitis, which is not reversible and will require dental intervention. That will be more costly for you – and money that you might have been planning to use for something else will wind up going toward having this fixed. Going to the dentist twice a year can usually catch things before they progress to an advanced stage.

Early Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer can be very aggressive once it’s formed and it can wind up being life-threatening. What can be scary is that the symptoms may be so mild that you don’t notice them yourself until it’s reached a much more advanced stage. Dentists are trained to spot even subtle changes from visit to visit. Regular dental visits can be quite crucial here.

There are cautionary tales out there about people who had to have drastic surgery to their mouth to remove the cancer. Parts of jaws have been removed. The late Roger Ebert, a famed movie critic, was made to be almost unrecognizable after his cancer spread to his salivary glands. It’s far better to be on the cautious side and see the dentist regularly.

Prevention of Infection

It’s not just periodontitis that you have to worry about. An infection can quickly take root… and once it has, it can cause a lot of problems very quickly. Teeth can become loose and you wind up needing replacement teeth. That can quickly turn into both a drain on your time and your bank account.

The thing with the infection is that the bacteria that causes it will not just be confined to your jaw area. Your mouth is a big access point to your bloodstream and the rest of your body. That bacteria in turn can wind up causing conditions like diabetes or even heart disease. A healthy mouth can indeed lead to a healthy body… and help you save on potential medications or hospital stays.

 Another thing that can be done, though this is more on the cosmetic side, is that the dentist can spot early signs of stained teeth and suggest ways to reverse that. It may just need a whitening toothpaste. If not, then the staining can get worse as time goes by and one may need to get more expensive things like whitening strips or even in-office whitening, which,while the results are the best, is expensive.

The initial savings may not seem immediate, but you can take that money that you might have spent on some of the above procedures and put them to use in many other areas of your life. As the years go on and you age, your earlier diligence will pay off – like being able to retain more natural teeth as you get older instead of needing dentures or dental implants.

The staff at US Dental Medical always prioritizes patients and their oral health first. Their motto is “No Insurance No Problem!” They will work to ensure that regular check-ups are done and that people’s teeth are in great shape. When it comes to finances, they gladly offer ways to help their patients avoid any large budget problems. If you have a question, do not hesitate to call to make an appointment: 614-252-3181.

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