How do I stay on top of dental work during COVID-19 in Columbus, OHLife has changed for an entire nation. What used to be routine – going out, talking with friends… going to the dentist for cleanings – has been shut down. Everything has been shrouded in uncertainty and there is no sure estimate when things may get close to resuming in a normal fashion.

It’s very important to stay informed throughout these challenging times. There are quite a lot of resources that Ohio residents can turn to when it comes to learning about what they can do for both their everyday health as well as their oral health.

Here are some authoritative places to go to each day for both advice and updates on what people can or can’t do during everyday life.

Patient Resources

  • The Ohio State Dental Board – This is one of the first sites that you should visit to learn about what is happening with COVID-19. The Board, which was first established in 1892, has become one of the most trustworthy places to go. Besides information about the disease, you can find out about all aspects of dentistry.
  • Ohio Dental Association – Another invaluable resource. You can find out what specific regulations are out now regarding the Coronavirus. There are a number of things available for people to look over when it comes to learning about everything involving dentistry, ranging from insurance to advocacy. While it’s mostly geared toward dentists, there is information that is helpful to patients as well.
  • Ohio Health Department  – When it comes to COVID-19 information, this is a must-add to your list of websites. It’s split up into a variety of sections ranging from children to teens to adults of every gender. There are ways to contact your own local health department and it’s updated regularly with news.
  • Ohio COVID-19 Site – Here is a one-stop place for you to learn about Coronavirus. You can get answers to frequently asked questions and also get information about proper hand washing and disinfection.
  • American Dental Association – While dentists all over the country go here, it can help you with your own questions about dental regulations and other COVID-19-related questions. This is the main regulatory for dentists – it’s why people check to see if toothpastes and other things merit the seal of approval.
  • Center for Disease Control – This site has a near-inexhaustible amount of information about diseases, including Coronavirus. Here you will find all kinds of ways to keep yourself healthy and minimize risk.

Home Care

After you’ve done that research, it still comes down to your being proactive. It’s easy to just fall into a kind of funk and ignore things, what with the days seeming to blend into each other. Still, take these steps to help ensure that your teeth and gums are in great shape when dental offices are open again to the public for routine dental work.

  • Teeth Brushing – This one should be a given. Maintain your regular routine of brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time. Be sure to get each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds at a time. It’s best to use an electric toothbrush with a strong battery to do this. Do not neglect this.
  • Flossing – Even in the best of times, people tend to ignore this one. Don’t. Make it part of your daily routine, preferably at night. Get rid of any food particles that are between your teeth. Be sure to not be too rough with your flossing motion. If it’s been a while, you may see some blood. Don’t let that deter you – if you keep flossing each day, that will disappear. It doesn’t matter what kind of floss you use -waxed or unwaxed – as long as it works.
  • Use Mouthwash – This can play a big part in killing bacteria in your mouth. Be sure to follow the directions – don’t double down on it before going to the dentist since the alcohol in it will dry out your mouth.


Like other aspects of home life during quarantine, it can be easy to start not caring. While it can and does happen, trying to foster a helpful environment around you can be a big boost. Have family members help each other, Talk about things. Remind each other to stay healthy. Knowing that you are loved can improve the situation immensely.

Doing both the research and the home dental care can help you feel prepared for handling other parts of staying home all the time. Make the best of it.

The staff at US Dental Medical monitor the COVID-19 situation every day and will be ready to open to everyone when it’s safe. Although they update the site regularly to reflect the situation, feel free to contact them with any questions.

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