US Dental and Medical Care explains: Tooth Care on HalloweenHalloween is a fun time for many. They dress up in their favorite costumes, whether they be regulars like Dracula and Bride of Frankenstein or as characters from the latest superhero movie. There are parties galore and then there’s the abundance of candy. How should people handle this chance to be potentially gluttonous … without possibly damaging their teeth?

It’s all about having a plan – unlike those unlucky teenagers running from a homicidal maniac in nearly every horror movie. One merely has to be able to discern what can be decent candy versus what might have bad effects on their teeth.

The Best Candies To Eat

When it comes to candy, chocolate is a good one for people to eat. In dental terms, that is. It’s fairly easy to brush off the teeth after eating. 

While many people like eating milk chocolate, they shouldn’t scoff if they get dark chocolate – there are some health benefits like fighting against free radicals, cancer prevention, and improving heart health, to name a few. 

Chewing sugarless gum afterwards for about 20 minutes can help clear up the bacteria in one’s mouth before they go to sleep.

The Worst Candies To Eat

Gummy bears are so fun to eat. So are other sticky candies. It can be amusing to see how far one can make them stretch before breaking. The problem is… that candy and sugar can literally stick to the teeth and start going to town on the enamel… which will eventually break down and start the decay process for cavities. Then you will be at the dentist’s office again for a filling or root canal.

People love hard candies too. Particularly the ones that last a really long time. The sugar that comes out of these candies also can be on your teeth for quite some time – like a trick-or-treater who just won’t leave. There’s also the risk of biting down on these candies, which are called “hard” for a reason. You can damage the structure of your tooth and possibly even crack it – which will require a whole new tooth. 

Sour candies are popular too, since they can make people’s faces pucker up when the flavor hits. When that happens, who needs masks? Their expressions are scary enough. What can be frightening is the acidity of these candies – they can quickly attack the enamel.

General Tooth Care

If the people eating the Halloween treats have been maintaining a strong oral hygiene regimen, then the danger of eating Halloween candy is about as scary as Casper the Friendly Ghost. On the other hand, if the oral foundation is not strong, then the results can be as ghastly as any zombie.

Under no circumstances should Halloween celebrants eat their candy and then go to bed. Leaving a sugar-coated mouth in a situation where saliva input is reduced is asking for a disaster. When they wake up many hours later, that is time that the sugar and other bacteria has spent attacking the enamel. It’s always important to brush one’s teeth before bed.

When it comes to these candies, though, moderation is the key. It’s way too tempting to gorge on them until one’s belly is full – but doing that ends with a sore stomach and regrets. Enjoy while remembering that Halloween comes but once a year, not every day.

The staff at US Dental Medical remember what it was like being a kid themselves – and many are still ones at heart! They will be glad to discuss any Halloween candy questions during a check-up. Give them a call at 614-252-3181.

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