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    Are you missing teeth or possibly needing to get them removed? Dentures are an excellent option for you. We have both partial and complete denture options that will work for you. Talk to our knowledgeable staff if you have any questions. Not only do our Columbus cosmetic dentists examine your teeth and oral health, and assess your need for dentures, but we have a pristine denture lab in-house that allows us to send patient information and receive dentures back in record time. Whether you are starting from square one with your dentures or simply need a quick repair, US Dental is the best resource for all your oral health needs.

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    Specializing In Partial Dentures & Denture Repairs

    No matter how careful you are, things can happen to your dentures. You can drop them or bite down wrong on something. Then you find yourself needing to have them repaired. We are happy to help any Columbus residents with their broken dentures. Our highly-qualified staff will have them repaired in not time and have them looking like new. Contact us today.

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    Replace Missing Teeth
    With Natural-Looking Dentures

    In-House Denture Lab For Dental Appointments Including:

    U.S. Dental Care Provides Tooth Extractions In Columbus
    Tooth Extractions

    If you need to have teeth removed due to decay or disease, our dental office near you in Columbus will provide temporary or immediate dentures to ensure you still have the ability to speak and chew properly. These dentures are made in-house at our lab!

    U.S. Dental Care Provides Denture Relining In Columbus
    Denture Relining

    Over time, the space between your dentures and your oral tissue can grow larger, requiring professional attention to ensure the perfect fit with your teeth layout. At US Dental, our Columbus denture dentists will assess your dentures and provide relining services as needed.

    U.S. Dental Care Provides Denture Repairs In Columbus
    Denture Repairs

    Sometimes patients accidentally bite down too hard on a piece of food or silverware and cause damage to their dentures. When this happens, it is important to visit your dentist right away to repair the issue and avoid causing further damage to the dentures or to your mouth.

    U.S. Dental Care Provides Customized & Implant Supported Dentures In Columbus
    Customized &
    Implant Supported

    No matter what type of dentures you may need, US Dental is equipped with experience, knowledge, and an in-house denture lab to provide the oral support you need to live a quality life. Schedule an appointment with our dental team today!

    What Our Patients Say

    Five-Star Rated Denture Dentists In Columbus, OH

    I have had a chipped tooth since I have been 8 years old and I have never had it fixed the way Dr. Shaikh fixed it! I feel beautiful. Thank you so much!

    ★★★★★ TORIE S.

    Usually I have a bad experience with Dentist but here they were extremely nice and Gentle this was one of the best Dentist visit I have ever had.

    ★★★★★ CODY S.

    Me and my family have been coming here for years, all of the staff are always friendly!! They are very helpful and respect any issues or problems we should have pertaining to our visit. I wouldn’t change my dentist for nothing. They are the best!

    ★★★★★ DARNETTA M.

    Thank you Dr. Shaikh and all the staff at US Dental for your kindness and professionalism through the process! Dr. Shaikh talked me through every step of the way + expressed genuine concern for my comfort. Thank you.

    ★★★★★ TAMY L.

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    FAQs About Dentures

    Yes! Many individuals with sensitive teeth or gums wear dentures everyday without any issue. The only soreness you may experience will be in the beginning as you are getting used to wearing dentures. Your dentist will provide detailed instructions about easing into daily use and how to combat any soreness that may appear.
    Typically, dentists recommend that their patients schedule a denture checkup every 6 months, and more often if they have periodontal disease, persistent soreness, or another concern. Your regular teeth cleaning and checkup can usually be lumped together with a denture check. It is important to have your dentures professionally examined to ensure it fits well and is being properly maintained at home.
    There is typically no issue with having implants or a bridge at the same time as a denture. Dentures are specifically fitted to each patient’s mouth, so if an implant or another piece of dental equipment needs to be accounted for in the fitting, space will be made for it. Most dentures are designed to be easily removed as needed.

    After receiving your dentures, your dentist will provide instructions detailing denture care. It is important to remove and rinse your dentures after eating, handle them very carefully, brush them at least once daily, soak them overnight in a specialty solution from your dentist, and to clean your mouth thoroughly after removing your dentures to avoid bacteria buildup.

    While it is bound to happen to every patient at some point, professionals strongly recommend against making it a habit to sleep in your dentures. Doing so has a negative effect on the flow of saliva in your mouth and leads to a condition called denture stomatitis where yeast and bacteria grow between your dentures and your oral tissue, causing inflammation, soreness, and sickness.
    Yes! After the initial period of soreness and getting used to your dentures being in your mouth, you will be able to eat just about any food with your dentures. It is recommended to avoid foods such as chewing gum, popcorn, whole nuts, steak, and sticky candy, as these can damage your dentures.

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