Symptoms You’re In Need Of a Root Canal

You feel pain in your mouth but are not sure if it is just some discomfort or something that might lead to you going to your Ohio dentist to get a root canal. Waiting too long can both be painful and lead to long-term consequences that can possibly also be expensive. 

Not to worry, we aim to help. Here are six signs that you should probably head to the dentist to get a root canal sooner than later. 

Symptoms You're In Need Of a Root Canal in Ohio

You Have Tooth Pain

This is the most common sign. You have really bad tooth pain that does not go away. It could mean that tooth decay has burrowed into your tooth and hit the nerve. That will require your Columbus dentist to drill in and remove both the root and the pulp of the tooth and then put a protective crown over it. 

You need to see a dentist if the pain does not subside after a day or two. Otherwise, it could turn worse and cause an infection that could send bacteria into your bloodstream. That can ultimately cause other conditions like heart disease and even some forms of cancer. 

You Notice Your Gums Are Darker

Normally, you like seeing your gums in a nice shade of pink. That means that they are healthy. But one day you wake up and see that your once-pink gums are no longer that color. Instead, they are a darker shade. Which looks a lot less nice, in your eyes. Is it something that you should worry about or should you just wait for it to fade away? 

Having darker gums could indicate a variety of things beside an infection. It’s important that you get dental help when you notice the darkening so that certain things can be ruled out. Ultimately, a root canal may be the best option for you. 

You Feel Bumps On Your Gums

You are the person who is the most familiar with your mouth and how it feels day in and day out. Chances are good that you will instantly be able to tell if there is a change in the overall of your gums as you run your tongue along it. You may not even be able to resist constantly touching the new addition to your gums. While it could be something relatively harmless like a canker sore, it could also indicate something else. 

There may even be more than one of these pimple-like bumps on your gums. They are known as dental fistulas and they could be a good sign of infection. So you need to have your Columbus dentist or an oral surgeon look at them to make sure that everything is OK or to see if you might need a root canal or another dental procedure. 

You Feel Pain With Hot Or Cold Drinks

It is normal to feel something with really hot or cold beverages at first. The first sip or two can be a shock to the mouth, but then it adjusts. That may not be the case here – any time you take a sip, it creates a wave of pain or discomfort that will not change no matter how long you try. These sensations could be pointing towards an infection in your gums. 

This could be happening for other reasons – you are using whitening strips, and that can be a side effect. Another possibility is that you have receding gums and a nerve could become exposed. In any event, it’s a good idea to see your Columbus dentist to make sure that it is one of the other things before determining that it is an infection in need of a root canal. 

Symptoms You're In Need Of a Root Canal in Ohio

Your Gums Are Swollen

You notice that your gums are puffy and swollen. There could be bleeding too when you brush or floss your teeth. That could happen if you have not flossed for a while, but if it does not resolve itself in a day or two, then you likely have an infection that is brewing under those gums. That is something that cannot wait to be treated, since if it reaches a certain point, it is irreversible. 

Having swollen gums can also indicate that you have gingivitis, which is a form of gum disease that is reversible. But your dentist should be the one that makes that call – just going back to brushing and flossing could allow an infection to continue to get worse while you are doing that. Go see the dentist if you notice the swollen gums. That way, the root canal could be done before the infection gets too bad.

You Have Chipped Or Cracked Teeth

If you have chipped or cracked teeth, that could allow bacteria to get into your teeth and cause decay or other problems. Rather than have that happen, the dentist could drill in and take the root and pulp out and then put a crown over the tooth to protect it from other bacteria. It would be a preventative measure of sorts. 

When it comes to having a root canal, it is far from the terrible thing that you may have seen it portrayed as on television or in the movies. Dental technology has made great strides over the years. Now it is no more painful than getting a tooth filled, most people say. When people complain about root canals, they tend to remember the pain they were in before the procedure. It is very safe and routine. If you need one, you should have it done. 

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